lovers, not fighters

by godspeed bugkiller



recorded, produced, mixed + mastered: 03/2010 - 06/2012
by godspeed bugkiller + the mighty kastls
at "motherfucking Übungsraum no.7", "kastell" + different "herrenzimmer"

songs + words: jan
music: godspeed bugkiller

godspeed bugkiller are: jan nas - andreas rauscher - ludwig pfundtner - mira van de witt - rainer schlitt - frank schlüter
missing: andreas schuwirth


released June 13, 2012



all rights reserved


godspeed bugkiller Regensburg, Germany

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Track Name: ashes to ashes
ashes to ashes

sometimes it´s like
the taming of the shrew
sometimes like
sippin bitter brew

when we get wounded
by a dram then
a ton of love gets
reduced down to a gram

a tremendous fear of loss
feels like
a ministry would say:
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

sometimes you set a blaze
in candyland
watchin the flames
waitin for the bitter end

who unlocked
these black souvenirs
in this jar?
it wasn´t me babe and
so i´ll better go now
when you go too far

a tremendous fear of loss
feels like
a ministry would say:
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

a tremendous feel of love
seems not enough
to protect us from
these fuckin ups
Track Name: lovers, not fighters
lovers, not fighters

you stole my heart
you always steal
my lighters
i think we´re
better lovers
than we are fighters

choose your weapons
anyway we´ll
fail at last
the way we fight´s
so stranded
it almost makes
me laugh

get us some drinks
i´ll pay attention
talk with
hands and feet and
i´ll search for something
smart to mention
Track Name: skeleton heart
skeleton heart

so, life in general:
it´s a bitch
and love
could be such a bad motherfucker

when we take place
to have a look at it
frequently just its and buts
wounds and cuts

so we should fuck and drink
and laugh and sing
until the end of everything
before we sink

dwell in my arms
where your villains won´t harm you
darling, these shallows
we will walk through

don´t let me get
a skeleton heart
love could be hard
but we should never get parted
Track Name: journal about the pending days
journal about the pending days

feel you so close
foremost when
you´re not here

it´s like to
love a ghost
with your smell
left in our sheets
just like a souvenir

it´s getting nuts
„you make me nuts too!“

but you can always
crush my threshold
and i will still get
stuck on you

it´s so damn lonesome
could be so lovesome
come back and let us kiss
once more
under the
infinite big dipper

can´t cope with this
please give me just a flicker
of hope
though it´s like you said:
kids and drunkards
always tell the truth

don´t mind that
all your best friends
got dicks

don´t mind that
this brown liquor shit
always powers on
your evil switch

my face gets bearish when
time´s are gettin rough

„by the power of grayskull!“
please, let me stand more tough!

call it fortune
call it doom

it seems like
you just always cut my trunk
when my love for you
is in full bloom

my heart beats out of time
my whole life gets out of tune

i´ll go down to the river
to drown my sorrows and for some barkin at the moon
Track Name: coffee, cigarettes and fair-trade heroin
coffee, cigarettes + fair-trade heroin

with your glasses on
bed-warm skin, weird hair

we´re still much
too tired to talk
maybe we should hum a song

to coffee + cigarettes
a winners breakfast
that tastes the best

darling, i´ve got to go (now)
doin good in
the freakshow

late at night
you come home drunk
your tongue´s still busy
you sing a song

bout fair-trade heroin
i guess
it´s a bit too loud one

nothing on
it suits us best
watery skin
we gasp for breath

the best drug
about to gain is
shootin love
into our veins
Track Name: charles, john, bob, brad, george, paul
charles, john, bob, brad, george, paul

i´m the first to go
you´ll be the last to leave
you´ll keep stayin there, drinkin
while i long for sleep

you dance cross the room
while i only jig tippy-toes
and someone is yellin
„go, go, go!“

i´ve got a numb tongue
you´ve got a fast mouth
i just swallow the words
you are spittin out loud

after gallons of beer
i can get
no drunken head
while the rest of me´s gettin drunk instead

but i can

drink like charles
dance like john
rhyme like bob
givin birth to
a million great songs

look cute like brad
or george or paul
the mirror´s my witness
i can take the best out
of them all
when i´m alone
with me

the music´s too loud
some kinda 80ties pop shit
and i think we look pretty much cooler
than all those kids

everyone bangs his head
and everyone laughs
you, me,
the loners, the losers
the punkrock-dwarfs

a last cigarette
a last liquor-shot
a last kiss
goodbye my darling,
please wake me up

when you come home late
to give me new dutch names
and to call me your
Track Name: atombomb

for breakfast
lots of love
for lunch

bring in the
afternoon movies
and cigarettes
a whole bunch

we´re like the kitten
in turn
we´re gettin
idle or mad

it´s saturday
and we´ve sworn
we won´t step out off
this bed

kiss me batty
make me calm
i´m your only
you´re my one

burn my circuit
make me calm
you´re my only
i´m your one

our perfect day
needs at least
3 deadly sins

shit, i´ll have to get
dressed finally
when the pizza boy rings

they could
start a war
or ignite
the atombomb outside

i´m sure
we wouldn´t recognize
Track Name: exit poll
exit poll

i´ve read a few
wrote maybe 3 or 2
your daily business?
longin for her to come home

less than more
your love?
stronger than before
the sky?
grey, kinda dead
your eyes?
guess, they´re sometimes wet

your friends?
are depressed, too
your plans?
got none new
the world?
is insane
i´ve seen it on the telly!

in this state?
about 90 days
your soul?
use your x-rays!
the trees?
wait to bloom
and you?
well, sure,
i will get well soon

got pets?
2 curios cats
take drugs?
sometimes, but not a lot
got pains?
yes, my back aches
like the saviors one

your bed?
a big black starship
your dreamgirl?
she already sleeps in it
your ex?
hm... i hate her, but i hope
she´s doin´fine

got kids?
a pubescent son
want more?
definitely no!
a concluding note?

dad, you´ve been a prick
but in spite of everything
i miss you
and i´m sure
you miss me too
Track Name: lukewarm

so long
fishing for

all the things
been said

words like teeth
bite the hands
you need

you´re a sinkin ship
in an ocean of